How we can help you


The Sadie Kaufman Method doesn´t work with diagnosis, the way many doctors do. We will happily work with anyone, at any age, with any type of condition, from hormonal or digestive problems to cancer or psychiatric concerns because, instead of focusing on a diagnosis, we evaluate the underlying metabolic problems. When someone, regardless of age or diagnosis, is able to achieve a state of metabolic balance, their body can start to heal itself. And when that happens all the medication, supplements, and additional treatment that he or she may be using can begin to work much more efficiently. If you´re taking remedies or treatments in a state of metabolic chaos you will not see the results.


Lab work is an essential part of our work because the body doesn´t lie. With blood and urine tests closely analyzed, we can see, in very clear terms, what exactly is happening on a cellular level. We always ask for the same list of bloodwork. This list allows us to see liver and kidney function, digestion, nutrient levels, and general inflammation markers. Each person will have very obvious signs of efficiency or inefficiency in their different systems. So it´s not about what we THINK is right for each person: with each analysis, a personalized map shows up and reflects where your weaknesses and strengths are. All we do is create a plan for reducing the biggest problems that each person has, by creating a diet that reduces the stress on the weakest systems. With that alone, most people start to feel noticeably better.


It comes down to energy efficiency. If a person is in a state of emergency in their digestive system, or in their sugar metabolism, they are going to feel tired and have all kinds of other problems due to this metabolic inefficiency. To achieve energy efficiency, over the course of one month, we work with very personalized recommendations based on bloodwork and then re-test the most obvious signs of inefficiency. When we´re using the blood work each individual body is guiding the process.