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La historia de Sadie

Sadie graduated from Columbia University with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology in 1999 expecting to go to Law School. But her personal health crisis changed the course of her education and her life.From 2000-2006 she undertook an intensive investigation to heal her own pre-diabetes and hormone disregulation with food. During this time she did additional coursework in Microbiology and Advanced Biochemistry at Columbia University, developing a method using blood and urine tests to assess metabolic health. 

In 2010 she completed advanced certifications in Metabolic Nutrition and Health Coaching through the Health Excel Institute in San Diego, California and the Institute for Transformational Nutrition in Los Angeles, California.In 2010 she opened her Metabolic Assessment Practice that has since grown into the Sadie Kaufman Method, a company that serves hundreds of clients internationally, guiding them to take control of their health and harness the power of personalized nutrition.Sadie's research is on-going, in order to offer clients the most up to date and innovative information for using food as medicine.The strangest thing about being diagnosed with metabolic disorder in my 20s  is that I was raised vegan by very health conscious parents.  I always thought that would make me healthier than the average person, not sicker!

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