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Upgrade your hormones and your life in 30 days!

Reserve your space now for our 2023 Hormone Upgrade!

Upgrade your hormones!

Start the New Year with a detailed metabolic and hormone assessment which will define your unique starting point and step by step plan to your most radiant, capable self.  Achieving the life you want requires congruency from your cells to your biggest vision!

Inside our 30-Day Hormone Tuneup, you´ll get:



You have an abstract sense that something is off…but you have no idea where to start.

Interested in tuning up your life? Learn the exact steps you can take to create an energy reserve that will allow you to show up NOW with more patience, focus and sparkle. 

You wonder what you might be capable of if you weren't so drained all the time.

Struggling to stay on top of the basics?  When your metabolism and hormones are tuned up you can finally get out of emergency mode and start tapping into your creativity and unique problem solving skills that can take your projects and your life to the next level.

You Subconsciously Invest in Your Own Limitations.

Do you have a sense that things shouldn't be this hard? Often we think weve lost our edge when really we´re being dragged down by specific hormonal and metabolic imbalances that have a clear source and practical soliutions that make all the difference.


When you  join the 2023 Hormone Tuneup you'll get my personal instruction and guidance for 30 days! Starting with your blood tests, I will assess exactly where you are now and the practical steps you need to take to start feeling better fast.  

The program starts in January 16th You'll get the support you need to begin a brand new year with methods that will serve you for a lifetime!

I’ll teach you how to:

  • Activate the LAW OF ATTRACTION OF THE CELLS.  Understand symptoms as specific guidance from your body.  When your cells are in a state of stability and abundance, you will start to see more goodness showing up in your life. 

  •  Feel inspired and guided as you develop a new relationship with your body based on trust and compassion. 

  • Do less and achieve more: Take the right next step.  With metabolic and hormonal efficiency as your base there are no limits to what you can achieve in your body and your life!


Offer expires soon.



María Sierra

"El Método Sadie Kaufman literalmente salvó mi vida. Hace un año, con solo 32 años, mi cuerpo se paralizó durante dos días y perdí mi período. Mi mente estaba débil, confundida y ansiosa y la mitad de mi cabello se volvió blanco. Con la guía de SKM, aprendí a ajustar y manejar mis opciones de estilo de vida para lidiar proactivamente con la resistencia a la insulina, la inflamación sistémica, los virus y los desequilibrios hormonales. Sadie me enseñó cómo adaptarme y sanar".

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Guadalupe Amaya

“Después de dos años de vivir con una salud muy deteriorada, finalmente estoy encontrando el cierre. Mi perfil hormonal no muestra signos del hipotiroidismo que