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María Sierra

"The Sadie Kaufman Method literally saved my life. One year ago, at only 32, my body paralyzed for two days and I lost my period. My mind was weak, confused and anxious and half my hair went white. With the SKM guidance I learned to adjust and manage my lifestyle choices to proactively deal with insulin resistance, systemic inflammation, viruses and hormonal imbalances. Sadie taught me how to adapt and heal."


Carla Rivero

In the Sadie Kaufman method I was helped to understand how to heal my body through food.
We realized that a couple of alarms came out in my analysis and it appeared to me that in just three days I stopped feeling pain and little by little
Little by little I learned to listen to my body.


Alicia Abdala

"I discovered that the benefits reflected in my health were possible due to the rigor of the method, which includes the study of blood tests, follow-up tables, interviews, diet, and above all thanks to the support of Sadie, who adapts the program after listen carefully to the specific needs of the person."


Verena Hatzfeldt

"I am really amazed, overjoyed and very grateful to the SKM that after a few weeks of special dieting and being counselled, I feel so much stronger and better, after nearly 20 years of extreme weakness and various therapies due to a severe tropical illness."


Arturo Ponce de Leon

"The Sadie Kaufman Method changed my life. I would get sick every couple of months. I was doing something wrong but didn´t know what it was. With the protocol I improved my health, regained my energy and was able to cycle through Europe!"


Imelda Scheffmacher

"I´ve always been interested in health and have been eating healthy for some time now. But I had always done it in a general sense. Through the work I have done with the SKM I have become more aware of my metabolism and have advanced in areas where I no longer saw improvement. I´ve strengthened my bones, increased muscle mass and my kindneys and liver are now working more efficiently."


Zuriñe Bilbao - 38

Cesar Fernandez - 39

"We came across the SKM because of my husband´s fatty liver diagnosis. After one month his doctor could not understand how his liver had healed with nothing more than food and lifestyle changes. As for me, after one year of following the SKM personalized suggestions, I now live my life with hardly any symptoms of a diagnosed advanced Endometriosis. What I love about the Sadie Kaufman Method is how personalized the process is and how you learn and adopt changes that go way beyond the month long protocol!"

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Daniel Castillo


In 2020 I was 25 years old, I became a father and the Covid pandemic began, don't get me wrong, the only thing these two events have in common is that they totally changed my day to day. My inexperience led me to neglect myself like never before, two years later, in 2022 and at the age of 27 I was not feeling well at all, I had very little energy during the day and whatever I ate I liked terribly.
In a month with Sadie, my weight improved, the energy I have during the day, I went back to wearing clothes that I hadn't worn since university and, in short, everything flows much better.


Sofia Casini


"Your Tooth Healing Protocol worked!!! My first positive dental experience in my whole life. I cried in the chair, I´m so grateful for the way you´ve impacted my life.""


Gloria Mayorga


"After one month following the SKM personalized suggestions I have lost weight and reduced my inflammation. My insuline droppped from 9.2 to 4.7, my uric acid from 5.7 to 3.9 and my triglycerides from 147 to 100. Thank you, I feel wonderful!"

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Guadalupe Amaya


"After two years of living with very deteriorated health, I´m finally finding closure. My hormonal profile shows no signs of the hypothyroidism I had, and I feel radical changes in my energy, sleep, digestion, mood and strength. I tear up while writing this. I´m so happy to acknowledge this, write it, and to be a success story! My life has changed, I have healed with food and I feel amazing! Thanks to the Sadie Kaufman Method team!!!"


Blanca Ramirez


"When I began my work with the Sadie Kaufman Method, I had a rise in energy that allowed me to pass the first winter I can recall without even catching a cold. If at first I was fearful about "going on a diet", I later found that it was very easy to adapt to the changes and new foods. Now, I have learned to eat almost anything; but most importantly, I´ve learned how and when to eat, and how to combine foods. I think the most important change is that today I have a healthy body and a positive attitude towards life because I eat with pleasure, not fearing imbalances, since I have learned to manage them with food and perseverance."


Alfredo Ramón

After following the SKM personalized recommendations for just one month, Alfredo dropped his triglycerides from 358 to 123 and his insuline from 15.9 to 7.1.


Isidro Ovejas


"My experience with the Sadie Kaufman Method was fantastic! I felt at ease when I was objectively explained the reason behind all recommendations and I saw that each case is worked on in a personalized manner. Following the program and diet designed for me, I lost 7 kilos in 30 days."

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