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The Sadie Kaufman Method (SKM) is an innovative and empowering approach to self-healing, using blood work and an in-depth metabolic assessment. We offer each client a personalized nutrition plan and specific lifestyle recommendations, as the foundation for metabolic efficiency and radiant health.

SKM is a tool that allows you to go beyond the symptoms, working with deep imbalances that may be blocking optimal health. With our personalized support, you will be able to make specific dietary adjustments to achieve important metabolic changes.

Also, we'll guide you to take control of your own health and get the most out of your health care team. With this in mind, we encourage you to share our materials and recommendations with your doctors and specialists and we will help you create an organized and comprehensive plan that incorporates recommendations and prescriptions from other professionals.

You cannot lie to your body and your body will never lie to you.

Let us translate your body's unique challenges and needs into a language we can understand and work with, long term. As we refine our work together and with dietary changes, small, precise habits are the ones that will really start to add up. Metabolic optimization changes the way you present yourself to the world, which in turn affects every aspect of your life.

We look forward to working with you!

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