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Our team

Meet the Sadie Kaufman Method Team. All of us are passionate about helping you take control.of your health.


Sadie Kaufman


The Sadie Kaufman Method was born out of my own personal health challenge and experience as a frustrated patient. Starting as a teenager and into my 20s I struggled with a confusing array of symptoms that confounded doctors.  I had a delayed and very irregular period, falling hair and unstable energy.  As my health problems escalated, Doctors had few answers, often dismissing my symptoms  as emotional and “stress related.”  Since I was thin and young, I didn’t fit the profile of someone struggling with chronic disease and many doctors didn’t investigate further. 

Sabina Sánchez

SKM Guide & Client Care Manager

Professionally I've been trained & worked in food, culture, education & health. I've been both guide & manager at SKM since 2019. 

I’m a flexitarian, I love my rescued dogs & cat. I'm focused on the psychology of eating as well as the latest breakthrough in metabolic nutrition. My morning exercise is my daily therapy, I also enjoy embroidering. I believe in the power of balance in life as well as being kind towards oneself & others. 

My priority in SKM:  helping people find answers in their own healing journey through clear and structured guidance. It will be a pleasure working with you.


César Barrios

SKM Guide & Client Care Manager

As a nutritionist and your SKM Guide, my main goal is to help you achieve a better version of yourself, helping you heal with your foods and lifestyle.And in my free time I love playing with my cats I have plenty of them and they're always waiting for food-time or bed-time.I also like watching movies and working out, when I'm not at the cinema enjoying a film you can find me at the gym relaxing and keeping my body active.

Yunuén Hernández

Content and communication

My biggest passion is the well-being of people. As a psychology student, I´m always searching for ways to improve people's life quality and emotional wellness. My commitment to you and the team is to create content that will help you make your journey the most enjoyable, understandable and satisfying as possible.More about myself is that I enjoy a nice-long talk with people I love, going for a coffee or for a walk, watching movies or series, as well as reading and writing.

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