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Sadie's Story


The Sadie Kaufman Method was born out of my own personal health challenge and experience as a frustrated patient. Starting as a teenager and into my 20s I struggled with a confusing array of symptoms that confounded doctors.  I had a delayed and very irregular period, falling hair and unstable energy.  As my health problems escalated, Doctors had few answers, often dismissing my symptoms  as emotional and “stress related.”  Since I was thin and young, I didn’t fit the profile of someone struggling with chronic disease and many doctors didn’t investigate further. 

Finally, at 25, I found an Endocrinologist who ran a full metabolic blood panel. The results were shocking, revealing severe metabolic disorder, including pre-diabetes and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).  The doctor recommended a long list of pharmaceutical medications from Statin drugs for high cholesterol and triglycerides to Metformin for my surging insulin levels. He was amazed that though I looked like a normal, healthy young woman, I had a metabolic profile of an elderly, sick person.  

The strangest thing about being diagnosed with metabolic disorder in my 20s  is that I was raised vegan by very health conscious parents.  I always thought that would make me healthier than the average person, not sicker!

To unravel the mystery of my own health crisis, I was forced to take a close look at my diet. This quest for clarity led me on a path that would ultimately change the course of my health and my life. Through years of intensive research I learned that each person’s metabolism is unique.  There is no one perfect diet.  Each of us must eat to balance our own body chemistry.  I am particularly sensitive to sugar and fructose so my grain and sugar-heavy vegan diet was bound to put me on the fast track to metabolic imbalance. 

As I experimented with my diet, I learned that there was foolproof guidance to ensure I was on track—basic blood and urine tests.


While doctors often glance at these tests to see if levels are “normal", a deeper investigation revealed that these tests can reveal a world of detail about how our unique state of metabolic efficiency or dysfunction.  And once we know where we are—we can start to heal.

We can’t lie to our bodies and our bodies will never lie to us.  

Now in my 40s I am metabolically younger, according to my latest blood tests, than I was in my teens and 20s! Realizing the power of food to transform my own health, I became passionate to help others. 

For nearly 20 years I have been sharing my unique nutritional method, ensuring that others do not have to feel powerless in the face of confusing symptoms or a scary diagnosis. The Sadie Kaufman Method helps clients take responsibility for their own health and heal from the root cause.

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