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This is the first step of your healing journey. Whether it is your first time working with us or you are doing a check-up, the in-depth diagnostic allows us to get a clear sense of your chronic health status or priorities. We work with a broad range of blood and urine tests, accessible for most labs internationally, to assess metabolic efficiency of key systems. Most people typically have a mixture of strengths and weak points. The key is pinpointing your specific weaknesses, understanding how they fit together and in what order to work with them.  

Available for:

  • 1st-time clients & past clients seeking a check-up after pausing work with us for more than a year or receiving a new diagnosis. 



  • Comprehensive questionnaire

  • Targeted lab work list

  • Assessment of tongue, nails & face

  • Body weight & measurements

  • Evaluation of all supplements and medications currently taken plus any recommendations from other practitioners or doctors  


Structure: 45 min to 1 hour appointment via ZOOM


What to expect: 

  • In-depth metabolic assessment with interpretation of lab tests

  • Defining priorities for future work with us 

  • Personalized follow-up notes after the appointment

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