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This is our most structured and intensive program. We use an individualized 30-day program to address your most pressing metabolic concerns. For example, if you have elevated glucose and insulin, caused by inefficient sugar metabolism, it can trigger everything from joint pain and high blood pressure to low energy and digestive problems. Once we address the most urgent obstacle to metabolic efficiency (for example normalizing insulin) it opens the door to addressing other issues.  You will likely start feeling a difference in just a few days, but more striking is how different your blood tests could look after 30 days following our individualized diet and lifestyle recommendations.

Available for:

  • 1st time clients (who previously had their in-depth diagnostic appointment)

  • Past or active clients whose cases need closer guidance



  • Functional nutrition

  • Targeted list of lab work done on day 28-30 of your protocol (prior to the 3rd/last appointment), based on the most obvious signs of inefficiency to assess changes.

  • Body weight & measurements (if required)

  • Tracking of signs & symptoms

  • Practice better platform 


Structure:  3 follow-up appointments with your SKM Guide, during 30 to 50 days, scheduled 7-10 days apart.


What to expect: 

  • Personalized notes after each appointment with next-step planning

  • Specific dietary and lifestyle recommendations

  • Supplement recommendations (brands & links suited for metabolic efficiency)

  • Online guide & support from your SKM guide & the SKM team.

Special protocols compatible with this program:

  • Covid recovery

  • Anti cancer protocol (Phase 1: active oncological treatment)

  • Tooth healing protocol

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