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Designed to help you achieve your long-term goals, this program supports you so you can continue to obtain positive results in your lab work, as well as in your quality of life. By making a commitment to yourself in these 3 months, you will notice a dramatic change in your health, where you’ll get to know how your body works and responds to food and how that has the power to heal. The time you invested is going to turn into a life changing health experience.

Available for: 

  • Clients who have already completed the 1-Month Foundation Program or need continued support from the SKM team to reach long term goals. 



  • Functional nutrition

  • Targeted list of lab work based on the most obvious signs of inefficiency to assess changes

  • Tracking of signs & symptoms 

  • Body weight & measurements (if required)

  • Practice better platform



4 Consultations during 90 days with your SKM Guide (1 monthly + 1 flexible appointment to use as needed).


What to expect:

  • Metabolic assessment

  • Personalized follow up notes after each appointment

  • Specific dietary and lifestyle recommendations

  • Supplement recommendations (brands & links suited for metabolic efficiency)

  • Evaluation of medications currently taking plus any recommendations from other practitioners or doctors 

  • Online guide & support from your SKM guide & the SKM team


Special protocols compatible with this program:

  • Covid recovery

  • Anti cancer protocol (Phase 2: Finished or stabilized with oncological treatment) 

  • Tooth healing protocol

  • Bone density Protocol

  • Thyroid Protocol

  • Hormone Balancing Protocol 

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