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Sometimes our healing journey can take unexpected turns, revealing new questions as we look for the deepest root cause of our symptoms. This is often the case with autoimmune conditions or hormonal imbalance. In these cases we prefer to work in collaboration with Dr. Diego Martinez Conde, a Functional Medicine MD who specializes in both autoimmunity and Bioidentical Hormones.

Available for: 

  • Mexico-based clients who have already completed the 1-Month Foundation

  • Program seeking metabolic optimization combined with targeted medical guidance and prescriptions as necessary 



  • Initial questionnaire

  • Functional nutrition & Functional medicine

  • Targeted list of lab work based on the most obvious signs of inefficiency to assess changes

  • Tracking of signs & symptoms

  • Body weight & measurements (if required)

  • Supplements & medicine assessment.

  • Practice better platform 



  • 4 Consultations with Sadie or your SKM Guide (1 monthly + 1 extra scheduled on the date required by each case).

  • 3 consultations between Sadie & Dr.Diego during 90 days (on the client's behalf)


What to expect:

  • In-depth metabolic & medical assessment (regular analysis of lab tests to assess progress)

  • Personalized notes from each SKM appointment and consultations with Dr.Diego

  • Technical recommendations and/or pharmaceutical prescriptions (if required)

  • Dietary & Lifestyle recommendations

  • Specific supplemment’s recommendations (brands & links suited for metabolic efficiency)

  • Evaluation of medications currently taking plus any recommendations from other practitioners or doctors 

  • Online guide & support from your SKM guide & the SKM team.


Special protocols compatible with this program:

  • Hormone optimization

  • Covid recovery

  • Anti cancer protocol (Phase 2: Finished or stabilized with oncological treatment) 

  • Bone density Protocol

  • Thyroid Protocol

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