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Our Individual Follow-Up Appointment is a form of appointment that is not part of any program or package offered by the SKM, generally used by clients who have experienced the 1-Month Foundation Program or the 3-Month Refinement Program, but had a particular situation that would want to address to the SKM or requires extended time from other program that SKM offers. These appointments are best used at targeted occasions and are previously consulted with the SKM Team.

Available for: 

  • Clients who have already completed at least the 1-Month Foundation Program



  • Functional nutrition

  • Targeted list of lab work based on the most obvious signs of inefficiency to assess changes (if required)

  • Supplements & medicine assessment.


Structure: Individual consultation for 30 minutes with no lab work review or 45 minutes with lab work review


What to expect:

  • Metabolic assessment 

  • Personalized notes sent after the appointment

  • General dietary & lifestyle recommendations (doesn’t include the design of a diet)

  • Specific supplemment’s recommendations (brands & links suited for metabolic efficiency)


Special protocols compatible with this program:

  • Covid recovery

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